Well the Astros lost…to a team of flappy-heads.  And the Twins beat the Orioles (since there is a lot of rooting interest in those two teams from several Glibs).  About the only other thing going on in the sports world is the courting of perennial assclown Carmelo Anthony by many NBA teams.  Seriously, who in their right mind would openly invite cancer into their body? Nobody.  Then why would an NBA team plan on throwing $100M at a minimum to bring that guy in?

Lots of big tennis matches today as Wimbledon trudges on. I’ll make a bold prediction that all of the top seeds playing will advance with the exception of maybe one minor to moderate upset. Nothing ever seems to happen there until the second week of the tournament.

And in case anybody was wondering, and I know some of you are, college football starts in 7 weeks and the NFL is exactly 2 months away from opening their season (the same day the Buckeyes open up as well!). So we got that going for ourselves, which is nice.

Anyway, you guys have places to go and people to see and undoubtedly don’t want to keep reading me ramble on and on. So let me go ahead and usher in…the links!

Blake Andrew Stevens

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son. At least he had the decency to resign.

Leftist, anarchist assclowns go apeshit in Hamburg. I hope they get the water cannons out in force today.

United Airlines just can’t stop shitting the bed. Plus their excuse smells like bullshit. We “scanned his boarding pass improperly”? Since when do they scan anybody’s boarding pass with anything but the exact same indifference the scanned the previous one with?

Never trust your lady parts to Florida Man Doctor! Also, dude, you’re 87. May be time to perv elsewhere, huh?

Perhaps there was a woman menstruating nearby. (Cue up the STEVE SMITH sprinter jokes.)

Assholes love to spend your money.

Illinois House overrides Governor’s veto to pass budget. Let the taxing begin!  I hope every one of them get primaried. And the funny thing is, the are still gonna get their credit downgraded.

And last, but not requiring a link, Trump to meet Putin today. From what I hear on Fox, it will be a glorious meeting where Trump will tell the Russian leader what we plan to do in Syria and North Korea. From what I hear on MSNBC, it will be Putin telling Trump what he will do in Syria and North Korea. And from what I hear on CNN, they will eat a baby together on Russian state TV while urinating in the mouth of a wheelchair-bound transgender midget. I’ll have to find out later tonight how it goes. I’ll be on the golf course this afternoon.

This needs no intro.

Have a hell of a great friday, friends.