Wimbledon mens semifinals today. Go Sam Querry! Ladies played yesterday and Venus beat that limey girl to make it to the finals. USA! USA! I hope she wins and does her usual classy interview. And I hope her smarmy, jerk of a sister takes notes. The dude I assumed was a lock to win the bike race seems to have lost his lead. I’m sure a few of you will clue us in on what’s gonna happen from here on out, because I’m not really paying attention.

Tebow Time!

Baseball, which I thought was back last night, is actually back today. Well, the minor leaguers are still playing but I doubt anybody wants to hear about the exploits of Tim Tebow. Nope. We’re all waiting for the face-off between the Minnesodans and the mighty Houston Astros. Series starts tonight, which means if Houston doesn’t do well, I only have to mention it once in Monday’s links. We shall see. Of course, the dicks over at ESPN will probably have the Yankees-Red Sox series on wall to wall coverage instead, so find the MLB Network on your tv.

No more sports (mostly). Time for…the links!

OK, a little more sports. I hate the team, but I gotta applaud the coach for this level of trolling. Also, Vice have completely turned into a bunch of pussies.

An interesting WSJ piece about the Amazon-Post Office relationship. We should send up some smoke signals to the commenters. Looks like they understand the USPS. Maybe they’d fit in over here.

BREAKING NEWS: David French is now categorized as a one-man hate group. Jesus, what an accurate takedown. I’m glad someone in major media finally had the stones to do it.

Ladies enjoying National French Fry Day at St Arnold Brewery

Yesterday was National French Fry Day! Therefore one of the greatest breweries in the world threw a party.  Seriously, if none of you have had the pleasure of drinking some St Arnold beers, you’re really missing out. Their beers range from outstanding to ohmyfuckinggodittasteslikejesushimselfpissedinmymouth delicious.  Which reminds me: I’ll probably try to schedule the Houston meet up at the brewery during one of their events.

This actually is breaking, because it happened overnight: A Hawaiian judge has loosened the travel ban to include a whole host of people that nobody in their right mind would consider “close”. Expect the twittersphere to go insane.Seriously…I guess leftist judges are incapable of reading or they just don’t care about plainly-written laws, executive orders or Supreme Court rulings.

Canada’s national dish

Some very scary news. Women, children and minorities Canadians hardest hit.

For the Tour de France fans. (Some of you might want to open this in a very small window or in the background if they’re at work. It might be NSFW!)

That’s it for me. By the way, I shot a 76 at the Shell Houston Open course yesterday. From the member tees, not the tips. Played out of my mind, but its noticeable when you play a course like that because the greens are always so receptive and hold shots most local tracks won’t hold. Let’s see if I can repeat the feat at my home course today, as I have a small money match with Judge Smalls and Dr Beeper today at noon.

Have a great day, dear friends!