Well the Wimbledon finals were sure underwhelming.  Venus collapsed like wet cardboard and Cilic got hurt. That’s not to say the two victors didn’t deserve it, but it sure would have been nice to see better matches that what we got.  Oh, and the bicycle race continues and that Froome guy is back in the lead last I checked. I assume there’s more drama to come, but I don’t really know. More knowledgeable people will explain it all in the comments, I’m sure.

And then we come to the Minnesota-Houston series.   The Astros took two of three from the Twins and got the second half of the season off to a good start. They gotta work on that pitching staff, but if they hit like this, they’re gonna be tough to beat even if they put Rudi Stein on the mound. (Apologies if I already used that joke. It’s early.) Seattle is up next.

Also, there was some event on tv last night with a season premiere. Please discuss at your leisure, but remember there are some people out there that want to watch but haven’t yet.  So at least give spoiler alerts. And with that little courtesy warning, we can transition to…the links!

Paul Begala: dumbass

From calls for impeachment to demands that we bomb Russia, the Team Blue narrative on the election has good from sad to scary.

John McCain’s surgery may be more serious than thought. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery…a swift resignation…and a quiet retirement.

Tragedy in Arizona swimming hole as flash floods sweep in.  What a tragedy. I have nothing else to say.

Buckle up, buckaroos! 2018 might be as awesome as 2016 if this trend keeps up.

Looks like the NYT laid off a few of their people tasked with vetting guest contributors. How else to explain the most logical piece I’ve seen on there in a while making it to print?

Get up!

And finally, a touching story about the healing power…of hate. Just awesome. Totally fucking awesome.

Show me the way…

That’s all she wrote. Go have a great day!