This sucks, doesn’t it? No Zardoz, no STEVE SMITH, just some old Jew trying to get by without being tossed in an oven, this time by rebellious orphans, much in the manner of Hansel and Gretel’s witch. No matter, news is rich enough today to stand on its own. And SP and I are celebrating the 200,000th comment in style, which involves alcohol, perfect vine-ripe summer tomatoes, and reruns of hilarious old TV shows (does anyone here besides us remember Buffalo Bill?). Here’s links, you people can do all the work now.

I spent time last night being lectured by a Progressive friend about the superior civilization that the Europeans have, with much more racial and religious tolerance, and none of the bigotry “that runs rampant in the Trump administration.” I suppose he was right.

“You go first.” “No, that’s OK, you go first!”

Rick Perry is an opportunistic slug but at least he’s proud of his boner.

The most interesting person to play football these days is hanging it up. Apparently, he values cerebration over entertaining me with his play, the bastard. I was counting on the Ravens having a decent center, but nooooooo.

This is suspicious on ten different levels. Stingray decoy?

And finally, music from one of our favorite bands.