It’s been a long week chez Candy, so SP and I decided that Zinfandel from Mendocino (one of the most interesting wine regions in California) would be an appropriate finish. I’m paying for that this morning. But with great power comes great responsibility, so I’m gritting my teeth against the clicking of the keyboard (goddamn, can’t I silence this damn thing?) and actually trying to put up a few interesting stories for you wonderful top-hatted folks to ignore.

Here’s an absolute shocker: a guy on TV news thinks Trump is a liar and has the courage to say so. This is unprecedented, and the story gives this delicious quote:

Most journalists are reluctant to use the L-word — “lie.”

Huh. That’s right, I never saw that before. No reporter ever said that about Bush or Trump. This is a badge of COURAGE, speaking truth to power.

Another stunner– if you comment publicly to the Feds about voter registration, the information you provide is made… public. Pick me up off the floor.

What the UK needs is commonsense pH control.

Iceberg Panic is in fashion this week. I am amused and not at all surprised that CNN chose as a writer someone they describe as “a columnist for CNN who focuses on climate change and social justice.”

Sanity from Slate, which explains the theme photo above. Seriously, this must signal the end of the world.

And a personal music indulgence- a song from my teen years that not only still speaks to me, but also has maybe the best bass line of any rock song I’ve ever heard (with the possible exception of the Beatles’s Hey Bulldog).