Yahweh is punishing you )))people((( for not keeping kosher.

Seriously, what the fuck is it about Boston and massive police over-reaction? “De-escalation” is apparently too many syllables for cops to understand. But hey, I’m sure procedures were followed, officer safety was paramount, and no-one will suffer any consequences, other than the dead kid and his family. And that’s only fair, right?

Sometimes, the elderly will die during routine surgery. We can only hope. It’s a pity that’s what it takes to get career politicians with a deep sense of Top Man entitlement to exit the stage- there is no modern Cincinnatus.

“If only the government could be more efficient at scooping up rent for me.” Fuck you, Jamie, gridlock is the second best thing that could happen. I’m embarrassed to be the same species as you are.

Expanded health insurance choice to devastate America. Women and Minorities Hardest Hit. Because if you don’t force SP and me to pay for maternity insurance, we could suddenly have a baby that we can’t afford. Hey, it’s not totally crazy, Yahweh did that to Abraham and Sarah, and you can’t be too careful.

Goddammit, now all I want to do is day-drink. News is so fucking depressing.