Well the Astros are leading 5-4 (Update: 6-4, now 7-4, now 8-4…now 10-4! Early morning edit: they won!) as I type this. I have to hope they win (again) but I don’t think I’ll be awake for the finale. I’ve got to get up and on the road…about an hour before this goes up. Headed to DFW to look at a couple of dozers and a bunch of trucks.  Let’s hope they’re all they were made out to be. Dodgers and D-backs yet to start and Wimbledon continues to be uneventful.

It’s art and sports, dammit! ESPN wouldn’t lie.

Either way, I think we can all agree that we miss hockey. (Look to the right!)

Anyway…um…yeah…let’s get…um…on to…the links!

Nothing to see here! Move along. Move along. I said move along, sir!

Lindsay Lohan wants people to stop bullying the biggest shitposter in the whole fucking world. Now that’s funny!

Amanda Marcotte still has the stick up her ass. The title has “bigotry” in it, but I have yet to be shown how the WWF (I’ll never call it the WWE, so suck it!) Trump-CNN meme is bigoted. Against who, reporters? (TW!!!!!! Not only is it Salon, its Marcotte! You have been duly warned. Enter at your own risk.)

I never got into the show, but apparently the BBC might make the next Dr. Who a woman. Supposedly that’s a really big deal. I wouldn’t know. I just want them to bring back Basil Fawlty, et al.

Sorry, sir. You’ll have to s(h)it somewhere else.

Anaheim has no heart. Those aren’t just benches! They’re also cots and shitters and…well, more than I would care to dwell on.  Let’s see when the backlash starts on this one.

You know your city is a shithole when the goddamn FIREFIGHTERS are complaining that you got them the wrong body armor because what you bought isn’t very good against stabbings.  The firefighters. And their body armor.  Sweet Jesus.

Happy Birthday, Banjos. (See featured image)

Go out there and make it a great day, friends!