One-two punch out at Wimbledon yesterday.  Looks like I was wrong about Sam Querrey vs Andy Murray. And Joker had an injury and was forced to retire.  So its Fed’s to lose now. On the ladies side, Venus marches into the semifinals today, where she has to be the favorite to win it all now, although the locals will likely be cheering for her opponent.

Guys are riding bikes through France toward an inevitable win for Froome. There USAMNT (soccer for those of you who don’t know or care) beat an island with the population of Sugar Land, TX by one measly goal last night and our very own Brett L was there to bask in the glory mediocrity. And ESPN let Mr Potato Head host an awards show that I didn’t even bother to watch, because…meh.

Thank the good lord that baseball is back today, otherwise I would probably just give up on the intro tomorrow and just head straight into…the links!

Loretta Lynch needs to take another oath

The Natalia Veselnitskaya situation gets weirder and weirder. I’m sure lots of people got special permission from Loretta Lynch herself to enter the country and then weren’t asked to leave for at least six months after their purpose for being here had expired, though. Right? RIGHT?!?!

Talos Energy strikes (black) gold! Let’s see how this works out once the Mexican government gets involved and all but fucks up the wealth her people should enjoy from it.

A true story of environmentalism and compassion. Followed up the a stark reminder that nature is a motherfucker.

Expedia’s CEO decides to piss off half of his customer base.

How to earn a taxpayer-funded vacation. Or: I’ll call an Uber from my early retirement party.

The meme war gets underway…with rape

And finally, the meme war is over.  The ultimate battle was a slaughter. Seriously, I can’t stop watching. I had it on loop for a half an hour last night and I was literally crying. It was the most glorious piece of editing I’ve ever seen.  Now if we can just get POTUS to retweet it (yes, its twitter, but even if you aren’t a user, you still need to click through this, trust me), the MSM will literally shit themselves. So, you know, I’m praying he does.

It opens with a great guitar riff and gets better and better as it goes. You’re welcome!

That’s all I got today. Off to play the Shell Houston Open tournament course at Redstone. Wish me luck…I’m gonna need it.