Man, Wimbledon finally had an interesting day, didn’t it? Nadal got bounced. The top seeded woman, Kerber, got bounced. Two American women, only one named Williams, are in the Quarterfinals and we still have an American man in the draw, albeit living off his serve.  Its almost as if I predicted a few things might happen now that we’re in the second week.

In baseball news, there’s some serious ass business going on in Cincinnati. And Aaron Judge is an absolute monster at batting practice. I’d love to see them tweak the format somehow so the two biggest bombers don’t face off in round 1, but all around, that was an enjoyable home run derby…even if a Yankee won it. All Star Game tonight. Let’s see if the Astros players deliberately tank it so they aren’t stuck with home field advantage in the World Series (should they make it). They’re better on the road.

People still riding bikes and I don’t know what’s going on. I guess that Froome guy is winning? Who knows. Either way, its time to move on to…the links!

Donald Trump, Jr.

The New York Times (don’t worry, this isn’t a NYT link) is alleging that an email was sent in advance of the Donald Trump Jr meeting with a foreign national, claiming the information she had was part of a Russian government effort to damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The sources are “three people with knowledge of it”, the Times makes the case that this is collusion.  No word on the Clinton campaign’s, or Trump’s GOP primary opponents, colluded when they hired former intel officers from foreign nations to develop damaging information on Trump with Fusion GPS. Also no word on whether the Trump campaign took the lawyer seriously. I guess they couldn’t round up “three people with knowledge” to chime in on that one.

The Jane Sanders loan swindle investigation is heating up. Not sure whether the rumors of Bernie pressuring bankers is true, but if so I wouldn’t expect his name to stay out ion the news much longer. Maybe three people with knowledge could let us know what’s happening.

Apparently, if you sign a contract and then decide you might not like the politics (or political affiliation) of the person you signed it with, you think it should be ok to break that contract without cause and not get your ass sued. Well, that’s not how it works. (The story is so slanted it may as well be a damn opinion piece. Beware!)

Marlins Owner, Jeffrey Loria

In a bold public relations gambit, the Miami Marlins are suing for the property of a few fans. I swear, Jeffrey Loria must have mentored the guy who set up the Fyre Festival.

Texas teen dies in freak accident. Seriously, how is this even possible? Even with a GFCI outlet in the bathroom, aren’t cellphone chargers all equipped with a transformer that would break the circuit if overloaded? And don’t most phones just stop working if they’re dropped in water?  That’s what’s always happened when something similar happened to me.

And lastly, we come to this story. I won’t even comment on it, because I want y’all to read it and debate it in the comments. I’d like to see what y’all think, to be honest.

Sexual exploitation of minors?

That’s what I have for the day, friends. Hope it gets your day going right.