Pac Man calls fro WBO to review fight. Seeds move on like they do every year at Wimbledon. A bunch of NBA teams show the world what a bubble really looks like. And the ASTROS!!!! That’s really it for sports. I’m not mailing it in.  Seriously, that’s pretty much it.

So here come…the links!

CNN deserves this. Even if you’re not a Trump fan


CNN builds land mine. Then steps on it. I don’t know how else to explain them intimidating a (supposedly 15 year old, gay) internet poster into removing everything online under threat of being doxxed…all for modifying a meme that’s been around forever in a way that makes fun of them.

Can we get a head count on all the Chicago Glibs, please? I want to make sure none of them were collateral damage.

Chris Christie does a really good honey badger impersonation.  Look at that crazy fucker. He doesn’t care. He don’t give a fuck.

In important news that didn’t get very much coverage, the Baker-Hughes and GE merger has been completed. It should cut costs and make upstream operations more efficient around the world, positively effecting the costs for oil and gas exploration and distribution. But it’s not as shiny an object as others.

They deserve this too, even if you’re not a Trump fan.

Joey Chestnut runs a train on some weiners. (SFW, ya pervs!)

While it may draw an icy reaction from the Social Security Administration, I think it was a pretty cool way to try and recoup some of what he paid into the system.

Hey, CNN: I hope every other internet troll out there above the age of 15 responds to your threats and intimidation with this chorus.

(Note: I had a couple good pics and captions queued up, but CNN had to be assholes, so I only got to post the Chestnut one as the main image. Thank those assholes for deserving a lot worse than what I quickly found. And if you can’t tell, I’m really, really disgusted by what they’ve done in light of a clever meme put together by what is being reported as a 15 year old kid.)

That’s it for me, folks. Have a hell of a day!