After a week off, I’m back on the beat. There really was nothing of import going on last week in the gun world. My what a difference seven days make! Lets get right into it.

Glock also gets a well played for this post. Everyone’s a comedian.

The first big story is that the Sig P320 apparently gets a little shooty if you drop it. So shooty in fact that Sig has temporarily halted production while they sort things out. You may recall that this particular firearm (or, more specifically a very close derivative thereof) was recently chosen as the successor to the Beretta M9 for the primary sidearm of the US Army. According to Sig, the military versions do not suffer the same problems, and Sig is releasing a free ‘voluntary upgrade’ on Monday for all current P320 owners that will put the civilian models on par with the Army guns. You may also recall that yours truly happens to be one of the suckers people that bought said pistol. I actually did my own drop test on my gun and managed to drop it twice onto my back patio without it going off. I would have tested it more but it’s really not that easy to intentionally ruin a $500 gun you paid for yourself. In any case I will keep you up to date on the story as it develops.

The second big story also involves in the military, but in a more direct way. The US Army is apparently going back to it’s ex, cause it has officially released a solicitation for a 7.62 caliber battle rifle to replace the M4. They claim this is because the proliferation of modern body armor has led to the obsolescence of the 5.56mm round currently used. Now, I have never been in the military but I do know that 7.62 weighs a lot more for both the rifle and the ammo. I don’t know where or how they plan to make up the weight difference between the two loadouts, but I have a feeling they don’t either. Any of our local military experts want to weigh in on this?

Oh yeah, and then there’s this epic troll making the rounds:

Well played, asshole customer and/or employee. You win this round.

I also think I figured out a way to get Juvenile Bluster into guns. Maybe John Titor too. Stay weird and under-sexed, Japan. We like you just the way you are!

HM, please come get your kid. 

I will leave you today with some sage words from the wise(and lovable) Clint Smith.

P.S.: Tiny Guns.