Man, I’m done with baseball for a bit.  The Astros seem to be sliding into a legitimate funk.  Fortunately for me, the Yankees are following them there so I won’t have to hear a bunch of shit-talking about them catching us any time soon.  Meanwhile, on the left coast, the Dodgers are absolutely playing out of their skin.  Too bad they’ll shit the bed in the playoffs as usual.

The Cowboys practice squad beat the Cardinals practice squad in Canton.  The biggest name there, Tony Romo, got in a practice game of his own when he called it with Jim Nantz in a side booth as he prepares for his second career.  I wonder when he will inexplicably slip on a banana peel and land on  his head, ending his season early.  Y’all know its gonna happen too, so don’t call me an asshole.

The Neymar deal is finally done. And soccer kicks off for real in just a couple weeks.  Hooray for getting up at 5 am on Saturday and Sunday again! Can’t wait to see Liverpool make a run at the EPL this year IF they can stay healthy.

That’s it for sports. Except to note that this was the day in 1993 that Nolan Ryan gave Robin Ventura an ass-kicking.

OK, on to…the links!

Blame global warming on these guys? Never!

Now the enviro-nuts have gone too far. I’m sure PETA is stoked and will use this to set up more kill-van operations across the country. The rest of us will not be as pleased.

Colin Kaepernick’s  (this isn’t a sports story, so don’t give me shit) girlfriend does her best to ensure he will never get a job. If he wants to play again, he might want to tell her to STFU.

Just in case you were considering using a dating site in the near future… Protip: never stick it in crazy!

Speaking of crazy: I present you one John McCain. The former reverse-ace pilot has now blamed the failure in Afghanistan on Donald Trump.  I guess he forgot the 15 and a half years of failure that went on before the last 7 months of the Trump presidency.  Seriously, he should respect the office and his constituents enough to step aside before the tumor completely absorbs his whole body like the dude’s asshole from the Naked Lunch story.

Top Man touts credentials of being a Top Man.  Tells prospective voters that he’s so much smarter than them that he will plan on running more of their lives.  Prospective leftist voters squeal with delight.

That dude on the left? A FREAK!

Lastly, it sure looks like one of them Duke boys has gone and gotten into a sticky situation. I’m speechless and don’t know whether to shake my head or stand up and applaud the crazy sonofabitch.

For all you Firefly fans out there.

That’s all she wrote for the links.  Go do your thing in the comments. And have a hell of a great day.