Hey, here we are at the end of another week.  And it can’t come soon enough for the Astros, who got swept by the lowly Chicago White Sox after shitting the bed in the ninth last night.  OK, guys…get your collective head out of your collective ass and stop this nonsense. Elsewhere, in games with announced Glibs interest, the Nats won, the Yanks lost, the Cards (welcome to the party) won, the Twinks won, the Orioles won (and inched closer back to .500 ball) and the BIG RED MACHINE won.

Hope that satisfies everybody. If I left you out, feel free to excoriate me in the comments.

Elsewhere, the EPL starts today, and I can look forward to early Saturdays and Sundays for the foreseeable future, which I’m sure just thrills Banjos and our kids.  And at Quail Hollow, the rains never came…and neither did the hotness of Spieth’s putter which helped propel him to the British Open a few weeks ago.  5 back after the first round isn’t impossible. But in a field this deep it won’t be easy. Phil Mickelson wishes he’d have stayed at home and John Daly had a good round going until he triple-bogeyed the last hole. Maybe somebody swapped out his vodka bottle, accidentally giving him water.  Shame on them.

That’s it for sports. Well, for the update anyway. I think they’re already on the course in Charlotte. I’ll know when I turn on the TV after I finish with the rest of…the links!

Mimi Pond: brave person of (hair) color

You want to know who else was sexist as shit?  Apparently The Simpsons’ Matt Groenig. Hoo-boy, I can’t wait to see the reactions when they see all of the gay humor in the first few seasons.  Also, who the hell colors their hair purple in their 50’s or 60s?  (TW: Jezebel)

Talk about your fresh-faced politician. Hey, can he run on “let’s leave the kids out of politics at the debates” and pretty much say whatever he wants?  Either way, he’d be better off if he focused his energies on something more productive than lording over a bunch of other people. Also, he looks like he’s prepping for a “fat man in a little coat” skit with that jacket. Don’t you even haberdash, bro?

You think our political system is fucked up?  It could always be worse. Oh Argentina. The country full of Brazilians that speak Spanish but think they’re Italian. (Except for the ones that know they’re Nazis.  They’re there too.)

Feds tell Cook County, IL not so fast, my friend on their immoral, and likely illegal, soda tax. Looks like women and children actually are the hardest hit.

OK, now he’s just fucking with the left, and the deep state, and the media (which I guess is redundant since I already said left). Awesome.

Glibs, meet your wait staff.

Looks like I’ve found the locale for the next Glibs Texas meetup.  I think this will go over well with everybody involved. Well…almost everybody.

And the last story is about the person with the biggest freaking balls in American politics. (TL;DR: We shit the bed, now you lay down in it.) Un-fucking-believable.

The theme for the week reaches its climax…

I’ll be on the golf course today after a lengthy layoff. I hope each of you has the chance to do something that makes you happy as well.  Get out there and make today great!