Yes, that title is so lacist. And that’s the theme of our first link.

Consistent with its usual journalistic standards, objectivity, and integrity, CNN breathlessly reports on the latest “alt-right” threat and outrage.

The march came hours before a Saturday rally that police anticipate will attract as many as 2,000 to 6,000 people, in an event that could be the “largest hate-gathering of it’s kind in decades in the United States,” as described by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

So much dishonesty packed into one sentence (as well as bad punctuation). Bravo!

Sadly, this was not us. If it turns out to be Ed Wuncler, we’re adopting him. If it turns out to be Swiss, we’re going to guilt him into throwing a mil or two in our direction.

This guy shows what WINNING really is. Again, Bravo!

We’re running out of places to get mediocre food.

Trump is eyeing Obama’s so-far-unequaled record for Most Wars Started With Countries That Aren’t Threats. Weren’t the Trumpies trying to tell us that he was more non-interventionist than Hillary?

And from the greatest band in the Solar System, a classic done like you never quite heard it before, breaking on-land speed records. The sax solo by the superb John Gilmore (who actually could thread) starting in at 5 minutes absolutely knocked me over. Clifford Jarvis’s solo right after was not exactly chopped liver, either.