Man, what a weekend. It was my birthday on Saturday and I managed to install a new dishwasher, take my kids to the park, cook a really good low country boil and have a few beers.  Then on Sunday, my brother in law and his wife had their first child (congrats! – hopefully he sees this, as he lurks from time to time). And we ended it all by watching the best episode of GoT in quite some time.

Also, the Astros, Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Nationals, Twinkies and even OMWC’s beloved Orioles won yesterday.  That doesn’t leave much room for losers, other than Team Canada. And the Rockies, although they’re safely in the wild card spot.  Also, Hideki Matsuyama got some national revenge yesterday by winning the WGC-Bridgestone. So we can finally put the enmity between Japan and the USA on August 6th behind us. Which I’m sure both nations will appreciate.

OK, time to say sayonara to sports and get down to the business of…the links!

The gears of justice grind slowly, but they grind fine. Except, you know, the last paragraph refutes that concept. But “justice” and Title IX rarely belong in the same sentence.

Uber has been searching for a female CEO for a while now. All three of their finalists have penises. And people are butthurt.  Heaven forbid they’d try to attract the person who will bring the best ROI to their investors and steer the company through the choppy waters of inhospitable municipalities and regulatory capture by the taxi cab cartels. Nosiree! They have to go for a woman or they’re sexist.

What could possibly go wrong? Just a heads-up: you don’t own the sky because you carry a badge, assholes.

What the fuck am I reading? (That’s all I can write.)

Your guess is as good as mine.

People are shitting their pants because a movie is going to use language from the book it was adapted from. Oh, the horror!!!!!

Your guess is as good as mine.

And lastly, if ever there were a poster boy girl child ummm, let’s see, a spokesperson, for not letting children undergo gender reassignment, I think we’ve found him. Or have we found her? Because the answer seems to constantly change.  (TL;DR: what a shitshow).

I figured enough of you would bring politics up, so I left it alone today.

This is for Banjos, and the last ten days after getting home from my lengthy trip.

That’s all I got. Now go out there and have a great day!