Well…what a weekend.  I won’t go into the events in Charlottesville other than to condemn anyone that would initiate violence against someone else. I know the comments will wade into it on their own, and I already stated my views many times over the weekend on a few various threads. So have at it. There’s enough other stuff out there for me to touch on.

Its hard for me to talk about preseason football, at least until the starters are playing significant minutes.  Hell, to be honest I haven’t watched a minute of preseason NFL coverage and really don’t know much of what’s going on.  That keeps me from dealing with retarded shit like “who is standing for an anthem” and “who is racist for not hiring this guy” and “this start RB got suspended for associating himself with a gold digger that even the police think has no credibility whatsoever”.  Its not worth my time until next week at least.  Sorry, but expect an update then. As for college, the Gators suspend 7 for the opener in less than two weeks against TTUN, including arguably their best player.

As for baseball, the Astros finally for off the mat yesterday. They were given a standing 8 count and were told by the referee that they’d be closely watched for the next couple of weeks.  Seriously, wtf? Their bats went to sleep, their pitching shit the bed, and their attitude seems to be nonchalance.  Maybe they’re playing four, no five-dimensional chess with the rest of the league.  Yeah, that’s it. Elsewhere, the Nats slip (lol, sorry) against the Giants twice in a twin-billing. Team Canada lost to the Yinzers, The Indians lost. The Twins won. The Rockies lost. The BIG RED MACHINE lost. The Cards, Orioles and Mariners lost while the Cubs, Dodgers and Red Sox won, the latter having beaten the dreaded Yankees. (Whew, its a mouthful when I cover everybody on here’s interests. But I get paid all this money to give you what you want.)

Meanwhile, the EPL got off to a fun start. The Coutinho deal is (maybe) back on, which sucks as bad as Liverpool played without him in the lineup. And Justin Thomas won an absolutely compelling PGA Championship that could have gone about 5 different ways until the last half hour.  Those greens were way too fast for my tastes, but thats why these guys make the big bucks.

Alright, I better get on topic(s) before I lose the audience.  So I give you…the links!

Con Artist

Al Gore’s encore tribute to PT Barnum hasn’t gone over too well. Maybe all those people that gave him money the first time were too busy seeing the egress.

Well look who likes capitalism after all. Hypocrite alert!

Crude prices going up. Which causes gas prices to follow.

Illinois Senate rejects amended school funding. Looks like all the money will head to the Chicago teachers union. I’m sure this will help the bond ratings agencies make their next informed decision.

I can fly, I can fly, I can flyyyyyyy!

I wouldn’t have expected this to end well.

This is what happens when people ignore signs saying you must me this tall for this ride. Yogi Bear wasn’t lying, sir.

I just realized after several months that I’ve yet to play this guy.

Good luck out there today. And have faith that its not as bad as assholes would like you to believe.