Its Thursday afternoon. My sick son saved my from seeing the ‘Stros get an 8-1 beatdown at the Trop.

You’d think $328M in assets could lift a lot of poor people out of poverty. But then how would you raise the next $328M, right SPLC? Look for a lot more trial lawyers to take an interest in their list of “hate groups”.

Oh, look. Senate Judiciary Committee confirms the fix was in on the Clinton FBI investigation long before all the witnesses were interviewed. This is how you get Trump (re-)elected, you morons. Everything the so-called yokels believe about the government being an insiders club who take care of their buddies and fuck outsiders is pretty much confirmed.

Skynet won’t have to send Terminators, it can just kill 465,000 of us with a pacemaker hack.

When people who don’t eat Chik-Fil-A ask me how much better their customer service is than any other fast food restaurant, I’ll just show them this.

Fuck Canadian Geese. I don’t care if they are fed to the homeless or bulldozed under by the hundreds until they learn to fear large motorized vehicles.

She’s no Rebecca Black, but her mama wants to be rich and child prostitution is illegal. The (An?) annoying teen from Dr. Phil is launching her rap career. Never say that isn’t on the bleeding edge of pop culture!