These are my links. There are many like them but these links are mine. My links are my best friend. They are my life. I must master them as I must master my life. Without me, my links are useless. Without my links, I am useless. I must author my links true. I must post earlier than my enemy, who is trying to scoop me. I must scoop him before he scoops me. I will. Before God I swear this creed: my links and myself are defenders of my blog, we are the masters of the other site, we are the saviors of my mornings. So be it, until there is no other site, but peace. Amen.

The Astros are getting me a little worried. The Dodgers finally lost a game with a lead (after winning 53 straight after taking it, which is un-fucking-believable). Klitchko hangs em up after a 57 year boxing career. Neymar ain’t going to PSG just yet. And the Cowboys and Cardinals head to lovely Canton, Ohio tonight to kick off the NFL preseason.  That’s all there is. Oh yeah, except the Red Sox building their lead over the Yankees by not playing while the pinstripes lost.

And here are…the links!

Pretty cool eclipse path. If you’re a Trumpkin. I blame the Russians.

The size of Texas, my ass.

Remember when HuffPo got the shit trolled out of them by that South African dude?  They’re not alone.

Hey Trump and Sessions: WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!

Scientists have found a second garbage patch in the Pacific ocean the size of Texas. The story is complete with pictures bullshit.  And here I thought we were gonna find out where orphaned garbage pail kids came from.

Chronic pain can be troublesome.

Speaking of orphans: this is not what you do when you adopt one.  Sleazy pieces of shit.

Lastly, this is the kind of awareness that needs to be raised. So I’m spreading it to you guys.

There’s something for everyone here.

Have a great day, friends.