Well, the PGA Championship is finally here.  Not much else to talk about if you’re in Houston.  The Astros continue their death mediocracy spiral. The Texans do not look good. And that McGregor-Mayweather fight has been postponed for two weeks (in my mind).  Oh well, at least I can read this story over and over to keep me happy for the next couple of weeks.

Across the pond, Liverpool have thankfully rejected a second Barcelona bid for Coutinho. Nothing else is happening of note. And the seasons get closer and closer.

Yankees win. Sox win. Nats win. Twins win. Dodgers win. Rockies win. Hell, everybody won (the Orioles had the day off) that played and matters to the Glibs…except the Astros.  This slide needs to end. Somebody get me a live chicken.

That’s it. I can’t dwell on sports. Not with impending nuclear war on my mind. I better jump into…the links!

There are things that probably happen and go unreported.  Then there are things that probably never happened but do get reported. If this is real, and I’m skeptical, this person needs to not blame society and needs to blame herself for not reacting. Or blame her parents for raising her like shit.  Either way, don’t try to shame me for this bullshit.

Excuse me, your honor. I’d like to make a point.

Decent-looking woman in chilly courtroom told she will stand trial in Stitzer blackmail case. She made a couple good points as far as I’m concerned. But the judge refused to see them.

Baltimore challenges its residents to go 72 hours without a murder. See how that worked out.

The left are absolutely losing their shit over Trump having the nuclear codes.  I guess they yearn for the peaceful days of “we came, we saw, ::snicker:: he died” leadership. When we picked on small potatoes guys that had given up their weapons programs and were trying to reenter the international community.

Fox News host Eric Bolling has hit back with a $50 million lawsuit at the HuffPo writer that published the story accusing him of sending pictures of male genitalia to coworkers.  The writer has responded by telling him to pound sand.  Get your popcorn out.

If you go to Miami, be prepared to see these rolling around. Nothing. Left. To. Cut.

Its cool, thats a midget, not a kid.

If you were curious who the world’s sexiest midget er, dwarf, um little person was, now you know.


This man knows what time it is.

Don’t give no shit and don’t take no shit, friends. Have a great day.