They be rapin’ all the robots up here! John Banzhaf and Congress will protect you, robot ladies.

Ever wonder how we are all going to die? NASA is sending Tweets into space. If there is anything that says more clearly “We’re morons, murder us and take our planet,” I’m not sure what it is. Maybe that gold LP we sent out into space with Voyager was worse, the one that tells intelligences cold and vast that “We have so much gold we just fling it into space!” and “We’re pathetic hispters who love records, please kill us and tentacle-molest our trilbys.”


I, a Fat, Beautiful Black Woman, Get Lots of Sex. Why Does That Bother You?

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I am sex-positive and discuss various topics related to sex all the time. It’s no secret that I am openly nonmonogamous, a believer in polyamory and a size queen with no gag reflex who loves a big dick.

The Prussian Blue Defense; or What? We paid these assholes $80,000,000?

The court rejected the psychologists’ arguments that they were not responsible for all of the CIA’s interrogation activities and had nothing to do with the interrogations of two of the men.

They also claimed they were not responsible for specific decisions to use so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques” in the specific cases of the three, but only broadly supplied the CIA with a list of methods to choose from.

Defending that act as legal, they cited a post-World War II war trial which cleared a technician involved in supplying poison Zyklon B gas to Nazi concentration camps of culpability in mass murder.

Election night rage-fuck makes evil infant

I also should have known right away that whatever was growing inside of me was no normal baby. Between the plague of Pepe frogs falling from the sky onto our roof, the small pack of rabid jackals who followed me everywhere and kept scaring off the visitors, and the two horns rooted in the skull of my fetus that we observed on the sonogram, something seemed…off.