A short schedule of games yesterday means you won’t hear much about baseball today.  But the Cubs won, as did the Nats, the Twins and the Orioles. So there should be some happy Glibs out there today.  The real sports news happens later this week as the PGA Championship kicks off Thursday and the McGregor-Mayweather freak show/money grab reaches its conclusion.  So tune in later in the week for more in-depth sports recaps (or don’t, if you don’t like them. I’ve got thick skin.)

I told you that was gonna be short. We’re already into…the links!

I believe this captures the essence of the first link.

In what will become one of the least surprising stories of the 21st Century, Google has fired the person that penned that memo on their hiring practices. Hilariously, they noted their acceptance of all opinion in their public statement about firing someone…for giving their opinion internally.  Will this be a seminal moment in the PC wars? We shall soon find out. Banjos thinks it will. I think it won’t even be a blip on the radar.  And do you know why I feel that way? Because Bing isn’t that good a search engine and the people that boycott google will come running back in a matter of days, if not hours.

Miami-Dade County stops being a sanctuary city. (Yeah, I know they’re a county.)  Will be assured of federal grant money.  Meanwhile Chicago, who has the most abusive police department in the country, based on the per capita settlements they’ve paid out in excessive force claims, has sued the DOJ over their policy of not giving grants to sanctuary cities. I guess they don’t want to tell the feds about their black-bag jails where suspects disappear for days at a time with no info given to their families or attorneys.

Will Minnesota finally go red? asks the Weekly Standard.  Our contingent of Minnesodans can weigh in and educate the rest of us on the real likelihood of that or if it was just a blip based on Hillary Clinton’s lack of enthusiasm last season or Trump’s willingness to show up and campaign.  Methinks its similar to the situations in Georgia and South Carolina where Team Blue outperformed expectations in special elections earlier this year: sure, they got closer, but once Team Red felt a little hot breath on their neck, they gave it their attention and comfortably won.

In case you’re planning on attending the “Unite The Right” rally, which I’m sure nobody here is unless its to laugh at the racist assholes, you better not plan on using Air BNB.  Because they’re purging all accounts associated with the group.

Alleged Teamsters victim.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I were you, Ms Lakshmi. This has been par for the course for unions since they formed.

Protip to police officers: if you’re going to apply for a job in a different jurisdiction, be sure to hide the stash of kiddie porn you have stored on your electronic devices. It just might turn up on your background check, dumbass.

I’m just glad I don’t have to post links this often. But I’m glad I get to do other things this frequently IYKWIMAITYD.

I’m dodging floods again today. But I’m still gonna try and make it a great day.  You do the same!