Well yesterday was full of surprises.

The Indians, who won on Sunday as well, beat the Red Sox handily. The Yanks beat the lowly Mets. Team Canada beat the Rays. The Cubs beat up the Reds, even though Joey Votto is still hitting the cover off the ball. The Orioles beat the Marlins.  And of course, the Astros lost again.  YOU HAVE TO SCORE TO WIN, boys!

The NBA released the 2017-2018 schedule. And I couldn’t care less.  And the Nature Boy is resting in the hospital after surgery for an undisclosed illness. He had been hospitalized for supposedly a heart issue, but his publicist said the surgery, which he had been put into a medically-induced coma prior to, the surgery is unrelated.  Let’s hope he makes a full recovery.  I always loved that guy from the WCW golden days. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Right, a lot is happening out there. So let’s talk about some of them with…the links!

Well, President Trump finally succumbed to the left and directly denounced nazism and white supremacy, even though he had never asked for or offered the slightest bit of support for either. And the left predictably loses their shit. Say what you want about the left, but they at least know how to read. They’re never going to let this “crisis” go to waste. And even though its just one body, there’s enough room to climb on top of her and grandstand till the cows come home.

Our pound of flesh is made of metal!

Crowd of goons destroys property in act of mob vandalism.  The local cops stood on and watched as the mob sought to extract their pound of flesh from something made of rock and metal.  The governor began his re-election campaign by telling those with bloodlust that they can come up with different ways to do what they’re doing. He was, however, unable to find words to allay the fears of anybody right of center that may have at some point in the future felt the need to publicly support the monuments remaining in public as historical reminders of the past.

Robert Ritchie For US Senate just doesn’t have that ring to it. But that may have to happen if Kid Rock  manages to get on the ballot, according to Michigan’s Board of Elections.

Kid Rock is a household name to Americans under the age of 50, and voters might be attracted to vote for him, as a middle finger to the political establishment.

Well, one part of that statement is demonstrably true. While the other is not. He’s certainly not a “name” in my household.

New evidence may have been found in the coldest of cold cases. It would be kind of funny if they found the guy someday…living high on the hog. I’d bet he’s dead by now though.

Conservative group Club For Growth (not sure if they’re affiliated with white supremacy, as they’ve not publicly disavowed them yet this week) pours $10 million into campaign to capture Missouri Senate seat from Dem Claire McCaskill.  That’s gonna leave a mark. Expect McCaskill to decry “dark money” and “outsiders” meddling in races held in other states. Just kidding, I’m sure she’ll be consistent and not mention it once, like what happened with the special election in Georgia earlier this year.

Florida Man In His Natural Habitat

Tiger Woods officially joins the ranks of Florida Man. Well done, sir. You did it the way you’re supposed to do it…fucked up out of your mind. The video is just great, but he did lose a point or two for not having a beer in hand.

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while. Or: shitty band actually has a good song.

Keep your heads down, friends. Its a jungle out there.*

*”Jungle” was not implied to mean the world was full of savages from other parts of the world. Its a commonly-used phrase. I personally know many people from other parts of the world and each and every one adds to the human experience and is a great addition to my life. And I personally disavow any European colonialism that sought to destroy jungles or displace people from them by importing technology such as the wheel, or medicine or the storage of potable water and foodstuffs.