I’m just going to rant for a minute. I’ve seen about 10 Dr. Strangelove references with regards to Trump’s overheated rhetoric about North Korea. I get that crazy guy launches bombers and starts WWIII angle, but its so… lazy. Also, I would love to see the Hat and Hair have the POE conversation.

OMWC sends in a story from near-Chicago where you can pretty safely hate everyone involved.

Watch my eyes roll as NOAA attempts to conflate in peoples minds the number of named storms with Atlantic/Gulf landfalls of major storms. We actually don’t give a fuck about class five hurricanes that don’t make landfall as class five hurricanes. Also, I watched this professionally for five years. They always go high.

Union problems at Tesla are almost enough to make me sympathetic to Elon Musk. Almost.

You’ll be surprised to learn that many of the breath-taking “facts” in yesterday’s NYT article on Climate Change were entirely untrue.

And finally, beloved commentor Pope Jimbo sends in an article that I, as a formerly decent runner, respect. The Beer Mile. A 4:34 beer mile is probably 55 second laps and 11 seconds of beer chugging. Stupid human tricks rule.

I’m in the mood for an electric jug today.