How’s about I leave baseball scores alone for a day and regroup…much like the Astros need to do before they get into a routine where .500 ball is acceptable. No?  Fine. Nats lost, Yankees lost, Red Sox won, Rockies lost, D-backs beat the Dodgers, Orioles lost and the Twins won.  That should cover most, if not all, of the globs interest.  An ump got suspended for answering a question, an answer that contained little more than a joke about a little banter, and not much else happened.  Well, other than ESPN making a rather exclusionary list. I can only imagine the outrage if they changed one particular word in the lede.  But its their business. They can continue to torpedo it the way they want. But don’t worry. The piece is so riddled with bloat wear that I doubt anybody tries to navigate it for more than a few minutes anyway.

McGregor-Mayweather in three days! The PGA Championship starts tomorrow!  And football inches closer every day.  Let’s thank God for our many blessings.

OK, on with…the links!


Trump vows “fire and fury” if the Norks keep it up. The left acts like he’s the first president too ever say such a thing.  Maybe he should have drawn a red line instead. Around Guam, perhaps.

The President is also accused of communicating with the special prosecutor.  I wonder if he’s talking about Loretta Lynch committing perjury or conspiring with Bill Clinton to keep the contents of their incredibly unethical meeting private by secreting all the communications she didn’t disclose off to the Obama library?  Who knows.

A professor found a creative way to make the end of each semester pretty damn easy on himself. I don’t get the uproar. He’s teaching business classes. Its not as if they’re hard sciences. (Disclosure: My degree is in Business Admin)

Should all be forgiven once somebody serves their sentence? Its an interesting question. I’m not sure there is an easy answer.  I abhor the sex registry and don’t think it should exist, but I’m not sure they should be allowed the privilege of playing football.

What a dumb shit. (Bring it on, Swissy!)

Keystone XL: not a done deal

I thought the Keystone XL pipeline was a lock. But that may not necessarily be the case.

When a state stops funding an abortion mill, teen birthrates spike. OK, and? Does that mean I should be forced to subsidize something I find morally and fiscally reprehensible?  Obviously fans of PP think so.

Continuing my dedication theme for the week.

Good luck out there, friends. No matter what happens, smile!