This NFL-In-London bullshit reeks of delusion, gimmickry, ad a total lack of regard for the fan base. This means I have to start drinking at 0730, which is early even for me. I suppose Irish coffee may be in order.

The burning question: will any players kneel and raise their fists for “God Save The Queen”?

It turns out that the people who worried about (((immigration))) back in the 1920s may have been right.

When you’re looking at a beauty contest participant in a bathing suit, isn’t the first thing on your mind, “I wonder if she’s on the rag?” Well, wonder no more.


Now here’s an interesting take on the Trump/Kim celebrity Tweetmatch.

And for today’s old hippie music, a communist folksinger grudgingly admits that there’s virtue in Evil Kkkorporations.