Happy Weekend. I think my A/C froze up trying to remove a swamp’s worth of water from the inside. It’s always something. Luckily, the pool guy came by and cleaned the shit out of the pool. I tipped him some cash because my wife wasn’t home and there was a whole bunch of debris in the pool.

My favorite link today is news that Trump called his AG an idiot and told him he should resign. Sessions, being a long-time elected Republican, got down on his knees and tried to “demonstrate his loyalty”. I’m just speculating on that second sentence, but I’m pretty sure its true.

Heard from a cynical liberal friend on FB: “Aung San Suu Kyi has more Muslim blood on her hands of any Nobel Peace Prize winner since Obama.” Savage.

Thank goodness bomb making is something that even talented amateurs mostly get wrong.

That’s right WaPo, abandon the coast! And DC, because its too close as well.

A classic punk song. Amazing that the commie toadying fucks just have new heroes.