OK, Evertonians talking shit about the Reds. What do you have to say for yourselves now? Bitch-ass bitches got rolled. Arsenhole won. And in football played with hands, as God intended, the Texans dumped the Bungles 13-9 in what IO can only imagine was a snooze-fest.  JJ Watt will probably have a hand like Ronnie Lott’s at some point in his career, as he mangled it pretty good but managed to stay in the game. And the ginger QB experiment has proven, once again, that the soulless have no business on the field. In the college ranks, Boise State won on that awful looking smurf turf. May God have mercy on their souls.

Hey, if I wanted to be offensive, I’d have shown a Yankees logo.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you are aware that the Cleveland Indians are on one hell of a roll. A record-breaking one, to be exact.  And last night they faced a serious challenge from the Royals, needing a 2 out run in the bottom of the ninth to tie it up and then walking it off in the tenth. to run their streak to 22 games.  They burned through a lot of staff though, so I see them struggling to win tonight.  We’ll see what happens. Elsewhere, the White Sox pounded the Tigers. The Red Sox beat up on the Athletics. The Yanks kept pace with the beaneaters by topping the Orioles. The Cards beat the BIG RED MACHINE. The D-backs blanked the Rockies and continued playing the best ball in the NL. The Nationals won a meaningless game. So did the Phillies. The Cubbies and Mariners both won. As did the beloved Twinks. And last, but never least, the Astros helped those aforementioned Minnesodans by knocking off the California Angels (yeah, whatever, they’re not from LA).

Unless there are WNBA fans out there, which there aren’t, that’s all for sports.  And now we can move on to…the links!

You know, I was just thinking? What we need now is for that crazy fat bastard in North Korea to stir shit up again. Thanks for obliging, Kim. You nutty fucker.

The bomb in the tube train.

You know what else I was thinking? That it had been some time since the last asshole set off a bomb or decided to drive into a sidewalk full of people in Europe. Thanks for obliging, whatever asshole did this.  The Amish are yet to make a statement, so we’ll have to wait and see who did it.

The police aren’t nearly as good at ending standoffs as this guy. He’s gonna be my hero for a day. Hey, maybe I should have a “hero for the day” segment.

Sooooooooo, I guess Harvard is transphobic now? LOL, the fun never ends. On the bright side, looks like this will leave more time for those students to learn from the brilliant minds of Sean Spicer and Robby Mook.

Good news for Ghanians with ED. Dem no need travel for treatment no more.

Saturn. Duh!

This link is for the space nerds. Cassini’s final photos before crashing into Saturn.  Better than crashing into Uranus, amirite?

Get your funk on. (I hope I finished the week as strong as it started.)

Have a great end to the week…and a better start to the weekend.