Goooooood Morning, Gliber-nam! Hope everyone is having a wonderful friday. My kids slept an hour late and later I will help my brother load up for Colorado. So that will be good. I’ll have a reason to go out there and he has friends in The Industry. In SPORTZBALL, the Astros just acquired Justin Verlander, signalling that they will not be happy with a cursory appearance in the ALCS, and picked up a win at the Trop. White Sox and Orioles lose, Twins and Cubbies win. Oh, and there’s some foosball game in Atlanta this weekend. And Sloopy’s team managed to pull away from the class of the B1G last night. Way to stomp on Indiana. And now…. the links!

Federal Probe

Judge orders FBI to release uncensored documents in relation to the Clinton email probe. We’ll see whether this is more stake to the heart or more tempest in teapot. Information that would have been valuable to Americans choosing their government LAST YEAR.

Journalists reflect on perhaps developing ethics after being shamed on live TV, decide that their careers are more important

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke resigns without explanation. I’m thinking live boy/dead girl (hey, its homophobic to hold people to different standards, but it happens). Alternative theories include Clarke being Obergruppenfurher of the new Southeast Texas Federal Rehabilitation Region. (Not really, I just made that up)

More medals than a Banana Republic dictator

Never let a crisis go to waste. Car makers in Britain are trying their own “Cash for Clunkers” scrappage deals. A private solution, you say, its fine you say. Oh look here at the end…”It comes as tougher emissions tests begin to be rolled out across the European Union on Friday.” Ahhh. So much more subtle than us Americans.


Today we will play the Theme Song. And an uplilfting message from a Texas band.