A 2016 study from the Catholic University of America has come back to the forefront thanks to an article on Milo’s blog called “Having lesbian parents makes you fat” (Milo’s #1 priority). The study followed 20 sets of same-sex parents (17 of them lesbian) over a span of thirteen years, from 1995 to 2008. You can read the study for yourself here, complete with a virtue-signaling disclaimer at the beginning. The gist of it is that the study found that having same-sex parents made children “2.25 times more likely to experience depression than is the general population,” as well as more than twice as likely to be obese and more than three times as likely to experience suicidal thoughts.

In their disclaimer, one thing Hindawi notes is that the small sample size of the study may be skewing results. I would agree with that, but for perhaps a different reason than either the author of the study or the editors at Hindawi had in mind. I suspect, that with a sample size that small, the odds of political diversity in the sample are probably very slim—and I would like to suggest that that, more than the gender of the parents, may be a large part of the problem.

The most recent photo-graphical evidence of a libertarian woman in the wild

As background, I am bisexual and have dated men and women roughly equally (I’m currently dating a woman, though it’s been very short-term so far, only about two months). I generally prefer dating women, and would probably prefer to marry a woman, with one small caveat: lesbians are overwhelmingly fucking lunatics politically. Conservative and non-political lesbians do exist (no libertarians, though, since I’m the only libertarian woman), but like the fabled STEVE SMITH, they’re rare and require patience to spot.

Lesbians, being both women and homosexual, fit this perfect double-whammy market for the left. It is known that if you’re one of those, your vote automatically belongs to the Democrats; so, obviously, if you’re both, you doubly belong to them. Thus, lesbian Democrats are doubly insane. The vast majority of them are screaming feminists. They’re angry often, possibly even most of the time. They’ve bought into victimhood culture and they milk it for all it’s worth.

It’s easy to see how a climate like that could affect a child. But I feel this has less to do with the fact that the child has two women for parents and more to do with the fact that rabid progressivism (and postmodernism, third-wave feminism, identity politics and all the other bullshit theories that have been infecting the left for the last two decades) creates a toxic environment. These theories have been particularly strong in the LGBT community, where they became dominant much earlier than they did for the “mainstream” left (fitting the 1995-2008 timeline of the study). And you can see how the symptoms reported in the study could stem directly from those ideologies.

Higher rates of obesity? Not surprising in “body positivity” culture.

Higher rates of depression? Remember that this study was conducted primarily during the tenure of “Literally Hitler” the First. Imagine spending your formative years listening to your moms rant daily about how BOOOOOSH (or, perhaps, the real evil mastermind, CHENEYYYYYY) was going to bring about the apocalypse.

Higher rates of suicidal thoughts? I have suicidal thoughts after spending too much time on Twitter, something I can turn off. I can only imagine the effect being steeped in that ideology 24/7—as a child—would have on my psyche. The study concluded in 2008, the year of Sarah Palin and Prop 8. Not sure if it ended before the Anointed One ascended the throne, but I could see how the preceding months of “THOSE DAMN KKKORPORATIONS ARE FUNDING CAMPAIGNS TO DESTROY OUR FAMILY” might impact someone.

The “gold standard”

The issue with a study like this is that they compare overall results with those of other studies that look merely at two-parent, one-man-one-woman households, without considering differences in the parents’ political beliefs. If a significantly more politically diverse sample was taken of the “standard” families (not even specifically conservative, but just politically neutral), I suspect the results look better just because the kids grew up without being mired in negativity. I would be interested to see the results of those studies broken down into leftist families vs. non-political or conservative families. I suspect that the results for the left would look closer to the results Father Sullins got, with the non-leftists bringing up their scores thanks to averaging.

Maybe, statistically, the results would still show that one-man-one-woman households are the healthiest environments for kids. But that’s also the case compared to single parent households and blended families, and they make it work. And I believe that same-sex couples can as well. But it involves leaving politics (identity and otherwise) at the door, for the sake of your kid. After all, being a lunatic is not an intrinsic, inherent part of being a lesbian; it’s an individual choice.

I can’t help but wonder what the difference would be in a household with two moms like that, rather than a household with Big Red as Mom 1 and Trigglypuff as Mom 2. A household like that of many opposite-sex couples, where politics doesn’t matter—family does.