Its Monday again. I have been indifferently productive, which is like a major victory for me. I guess there was some sort of kerfluffle this weekend? Turns out the only 2 channels I don’t get are CBS and Fox. Sounds like I should be grateful. Especially since I called the Texans loss at the beginning of the 4th quarter. I hate Bill O’Brian and think he might be the least talented coach in the NFL. Please to fire his ass. But at least he didn’t bench a QB this game. Ass.

Internet culture is… getting stupider.

Carlos Danger gets 21 months in prison. “I was a very sick man for a very long time”, he said, pleading guilty. Listen, jerkoff, self-indulgence isn’t a disease. I hope you get that in prison, and may all of your sexual encounters be voluntary.


Just another day in LA, right? At least the baby was unharmed and too young to be really traumatized by what she saw.

Like two fourteen year olds, “I’m gonna kick your ass, take your shot!” “I don’t hit no man first!”

Not sure if this makes vegetative states more or less horrifying. But hey, if I end up like that, put me in a boat, strap my hands to the wheel, wipe all your prints, and make sure the plug blows a

Please dont lock me in my body for years

s soon as I’m out of sight of land.

Speaking of not eating


Riven: And on an entirely different note, exactly a year ago I married the perfect man. We’ll be leaving for our honeymoon in Las Vegas on Wednesday, and I can’t wait to watch him compete at USPSA later this week. Happy anniversary, Mr. Riven. <3