Happy Thursday. I just had corned beef hash for lunch made out of the leftovers of last night’s dinner. That’s one of those meals that just feels like the best parts of my childhood. Boiled meat and root vegetables, refried in the pan the next day. Meals of the traditionally rich!

Hobo and Lurch, tag-team 2020

This one gave me an awkward semi. The idea of seeing John Kerry mercilessly pummeled on twitter and in campaign speeches by Donald Trump would be a fine way to spend 2020. I mean, when I’m not mourning the fact that people don’t get beat into a coma for bringing up John Kerry as a serious presidential candidate. Hey guys, I’ve got a great idea! We ran the worst Secretary of State since WWII and she lost. Let’s run the second worst and see how he does. If you’re seriously considering previous losers for your party’s presidential candidate you’re either voting for Ron Paul or you belong to a Loser Party. /rant

This is some dictatorial shit right here. Not that I think Chelsea Clinton would be safe if Hillary thought offing her would deliver the presidency in 2020.

Scientist discover animal without a brain that sleeps. Apparently running their first study on DMV clerks.

Local to me people who need to be tied up in a sack and beaten. Oh, you disagree with your neighbor cutting trees on his own property? Go jump right up your own ass you lousy snitch.

Can’t wait for the 2020 version where she replaces Sanders with Kerry

This is going to be the biggest nothing ever. Or an absolute stake in the heart. But probably nothing.

Something different.