Fun links, oh yeah! We have shaken up the batting order here today, so I am pitching in on links this glorious Fall afternoon. Here are some linkseses for you to ponder on the Tree of Woe Joy… consider it a little competition of fun, between media sources:

  • Our first entry is from the always reliable NY Post. See idiot punch sharks! Next time try that crap with some Great Whites or Hammerheads.
  • Next up the always amusing Daily Mail Fail! What did he say? OK, that wasn’t up to their usual standards. Does this one help? OK, not every paper can have a good day, every day.
  • So, maybe it is cheating to have Infowars provide an entry. The unintentionally amusing “Leave Alex Alone!” entry!
  • Reuters chimes in, for our last entry. Clearly this guy is a libertarian!

A very special note: Tune in tonight, at 6PM Central for something NOT fun.