Sloopy had to go to Oklahoma today, so he has his own hell to deal with.

Houston STEVE SMITH’s the Rangers, scoring 10+ runs for the 3rd game in a row. Last 4 games of the season are against the Boston CheatSox, who have a bit more to play for. A split gives Dallas Keichal and others from the 2013 squad the dubious distinction of having been on a 100 loss and a 100 win club. The Twins were unable to give Cleveland that one loss Houston needed to be tied for home field, but they backed into the playoffs. The Cubbies beat the Cards to get in. Dodgers win, Orioles and Nats lose.

I did not watch hockey or EPL if there was any. And now… The Links

Hugh Hefner dead at 91. Thanks Hef. I really did read some of the articles after I had, er, exhausted the pictures. At least in the early 90s when I was trading them with other guys too young to buy them, the writing was pretty good.

Trump gave a speech on the tax plan, and even the WaPo has to admit that the estate tax portion would radically reform the estate tax to the benefit of heirs.

Usually at Yosemite, people die by falling on granite, not vice versa.

Man, this statue removal as protest is really catching on.

Here’s a little something on theme for my little friends.

EDIT: Totally forgot to announce here: Tampa Bay area Glibs meetup this Friday at Mr. Dunderbak’s Negroni, his new bride and I will start day drinking sometime before 4:00pm and (at least I) will endeavor to stay until at least 10:00.