It is Tuesday. I’ve been chugging along at work. It will soon be beer-thirty.

Last Chance: Tampa Bay area Glibs — if you have any desire in a meetup this weekend, say so now. Otherwise, I’ll just hang out with Negroni and talk shit about Charlie Strong and (now separately) Texas football.

Somehow India has a plan to supply power to 300M people for $2.5B, but Puerto Rico needs an unknown amount of money to return power to 1% of that number. I’m guessing more than $25M.

Its nice to see a patent troll friendly court get slapped around by a higher authority. (T/W boing-boing)

More chestnuts than a man can eat in this piece on the Ozone Treaty.

A politician who knows his audience.

The word of the day is: Lumberjack