While so many of us were slacking off yesterday on that most immoral holiday of the year, there were a lot of people working to entertain us.  Some worked harder than others, like the Diamondbacks working 13 runs harder than the Dodgers. Or the Pirates working 12 runs harder than the Cubs.  Elsewhere, the Yankees beat the Orioles, while the Red Sox got rolled up by Team Canada. And my prediction of the Red Sox running away from the Yanks is proving to be premature.  The BIG RED MACHINE took down the Brew Crew, The Royals tamed the Tigers. The Indians topped the White Sox. The Rockies played the Giants. The Angels beat the Athletics (and were the only California team to win a game yesterday). The Twinks got rolled. The Nationals prevailed. And the Astros continues to play like they mean business as they took down the Mariners.

Team England came from behind to win and put their group all but out of reach, Germany blitzed Norway. and Montenegro did their best to keep pace with Poland by taking down Romania, much to the chagrin of a particular Glib. The mens draw at the US Open is all but a collision course of Federer and Nadal, while the women’s draw is anybody’s tournament to win.  Today should settle a few things in respect to the latter, although none will be as head-scratching as the finish of the Keys-Svitolina match yesterday.  I’ve never seen momentum swing that quickly in all my life.

Anyway, I could ramble on about sports all day, but that wouldn’t really help me accomplish my stated purpose of providing y’all with…the links!

Stay away, bitch!

Irma heads toward Florida. If you’re in the southeast part of that state, GTFO as quickly as possible.  You’re in for a bumpy ride.

Want to know when thew time is right to find another scam to run? Probably when the e-book debunking your scam outsells your second book promoting it. Dude, hunker down in your mansion, find a nice couple of honeys to release your chakras, and just enjoy life. Stop doubling down. The jig is up.

The hospital at the center of a firestorm over police abuse of power has barred cops from contact with nurses. Um, unless you start arming all your staff, I don’t see how you’re going to enforce this policy. But I do like the symbolic gesture.

“Dear Leader, in America this is what they call a ‘side dish.’
I know, I think its crazy too!”

Kim kicks the sleeping bear once more. Seriously, dude is begging someone to do something stupid but so far he’s alone in that category.

Tenants facing eviction in Harvey’s aftermath. (In before leftist calls for rent control in 3…2…1…)

I always love hearing this song.

Good luck out there getting back to work or continuing that grind.