It appears that Brett is actually working for a living…I know, right? (jesse: my Brett joke was…less kind) So, while I idle away on the fondue plantation, I have managed to scrape a few links together….at the same time, Jesse wanted to help. So with two sets of links done, we did the only proper thing…combine them for ULTRALINKS!


  • So…this sounds about par for the course.
  • Mr. Arkwright say make Nigerian students no worry!
  • A cop…guilty?! Look what it takes to actually get a cop in trouble. [Alternate title: SugarFree scripts a cop drama episode?]
  • A reminder, that while there are still checks in the book…we are broke.
  • Get this man a presidency: Justin Amash wrangles broad bipartisan support for rolling back Jeff Sessions’ rolling back of an Obama-era curtailment of asset forfeiture. *takes deep breath*
  • Speaking of presidencies: Sanders will introduce universal health care, backed by 15 Democrats. There’s your field for the next election cycle. Now for three years of attrition and attempts to out lefticate each other with proposals that will turn us into Venezuela if enacted.
  • Nun with a chainsaw“, a phrase sure to instill terror in hearts of Catholic school graduates, is the surprise feel-good story of the day.
  • Katie Quackenbush, you haven’t heard of her yet, but her music career is gonna be huuuuuuge…at least after she finishes serving time for assault with a deadly weapon.
  • This one even has Old Man With Candy scratching his head. “No be di uncle get di pickin.”

Bonus Link: Drunk European says “who needs you anyways?!”

Them’s the links. Now go take on the day.