It looks like Negroni and his wife, our reptilian overlord Mr. Lizard and I will be meeting at Mr. Dunderbak’s in Tampa on Friday. I think Negroni and I will be arriving before 4:00. Come if you can.

WaPo on taxcuts

I love the WaPo’s idea that you somehow have to “pay” for tax-cuts. And by love, I mean hate. Motherfuckers, if we don’t have to figure out how to “pay” for free shit for people, we definitely don’t need to figure out how to “pay” for lowering taxes on taxpayers.

I like how the Afghan rebels waited until Mattis was safely gone before firing rockets at the airport. Probably afraid that he’d roundhouse kick the rockets right back to them.

FFS, so much wrong with this. I mean besides the tragic murder of two teens. Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation in the Bronx? A 3″ switchblade? The school’s fault for not having metal detectors? Why am I adding so many question marks?

From the Department of Wouldn’t Fly as Fiction: Four arrested after fight breaks out inside an ‘EMPATHY TENT’.

WaPo on Federal Benefits


All this fighting.