The steroid era ain’t got nothing on the live ball era.  MLB just broke a record for most home runs hit in a season and with around 12 games to go per team, it looks like they’ll crush it.  But they swear the ball’s not juiced. Sure thing.

There were some crucial games last night and a few teams playing out the string.  The Red Sox topped the Orioles. The Yanks beat the Twinks to keep pace. Fortunately the California Angels lost to the still smoldering Indians so that tenuous wild card lead is holding. The D-backs fell, as did the Rockies. And with the Brewers winning, the NL chase is officially red hot. The Dodgers fell to the Phillies. Team Canada beat the Royals. The Cards beat the BIG RED MACHINE. The Cubs won. The Nationals won. And the Astros continue to play solid ball and topped the White Sox.

Nothing else happened on this side of the pond. The League Cup kicked off in earnest yesterday. But with many teams fielding a b-side through the entire competition its not really much to get stoked about.  But preseason hockey is in full swing now, so expect some reports to start dribbling in as thats season approaches.

Alright, are you fired up?  I’m fired up. Let’s all get fired up for…the links!

Earthquake damage in Mexico

Gaia must really hate Puerto Rico. Prayers for my friend in Yabucoa and everybody else in the path. She must really hate central Mexico as well. Prayers for everybody between Puebla and Mexico City.

President Trump dished out a blistering speech at the United Nations yesterday.  He took the Nork, Iranian and Venezuelan governments specifically to task and offered up America as an example.  As for the Norks, he said we would destroy them if forced to defend ourselves or our allies from attack. Of course, most of the major media left that last little bit out and are calling the speech terrifying.  But trolls gotta troll.  The memes started coming quickly.

Hey, just be glad he was still there and didn’t start driving people home. (Its not too soon, is it? Nah.)

Obviously not the designated drivers

I’m bring you a double-whammy rom the Bay Area today because they’re both too good to pass up. First, no good deed goes unpunished. Coffee shop robber looks to sue man who subdued him. (WATCH THE VIDEO!!!)  And second, Fremont man bashes baker with baguette. The roll was unavailable for comment.

I wonder if this was covered yesterday or if its new? Jogging woman wey dey always poo-poo for somebody dormot. Either way, its better in a tongue that really grabs the essence of it. Enjoy.

This guy gets it! Taxes are bad. It shouldn’t be a revelation, but at least somebody is saying it.

Start toe-tappin. Then finger-snappin. Then that voice kicks in.

Offer up a prayer to thought to those in Puerto Rico and Mexico, please. And everywhere else that’s had a shit deal the last few days. Thanks.