This is sloopy’s mandatory link, I had hoped to replace it with “How many days since Indiana beat Ohio State” and link to a very small number, but then the second half happened.

Last weekend had some amazing games.  And no, I don’t want to talk about the last one.  This weekend won’t live up to it, but I could be wrong.  That is why they play the games.

Dubious Rivalry of the Week

Buffalo @ Army, West Point, NY

It’s the battle for NY state, except that part that Syracuse controls.  Buffalo leads the series 3-2.

Tailgate of the Week

This is what happens when someone who doesn’t follow sports “helps.”

Rice @ UTEP, El Paso, TX

This is Rice’s second trip to tailgate of the week, possibly because they are a nice side dish.

Sun Bowl Stadium is carved out of the rocks in El Paso, creating a free upper deck for fans willing to climb the hills.  And this section comes with special amenities you don’t find in most stadiums.

Beer:  Give Ode Brewing a try.  I would.

Booze:  Hand Job

1 oz Vodka

1 oz Tequila

1 oz Banana Liqueur

1 oz Irish Cream

Shake over ice, strain into cocktail glass.

Game of the Century of the Week

Auburn @ Auburn-With-a-Lake, Clemson, SC

Auburn and Clemson are the exact same school.   The only way to tell them apart is to see if you can spot the lake.  If so, you are in Clemson.

The all time record is a surprisingly unbalanced 34-14-2.  I would tell you who leads the series, but it really doesn’t matter as most of the games were played before 19-dickety-4.  Since Nixon’s reelection, they are an even 3-3.

I will point out that my choice last week was much better than the overhyped snooze fest that was being hyped by everyone else.

Top 25

 The “bug” last week was not in my software, but one of my orphans screwed up the data entry.  A few beatings took care of that and way are back to normal.

  1. LSU 4.820
  2. South Carolina 4.751  +1
  3. Mississippi St 4.692  +1
  4. Duke 4.672  +1
  5. Auburn 4.646  +1
  6. UCLA 4.629  +4
  7. Clemson 4.618
  8. Mississippi 4.595  +1
  9. Georgia 4.594  +2
  10. “Cheer harder!”

    Notre Dame 4.566  +2

  11. Alabama 4.563  +2
  12. Utah 4.561  NR
  13. Michigan 4.504  +2
  14. Arizona St 4.501  NR
  15. Nebraska 4.498  +5
  16. Boston College 4.495
  17. Pittsburgh 4.481
  18. California 4.472  NR
  19. Iowa 4.471  +4
  20. Illinois 4.469  +1
  21. Michigan St 4.458  NR
  22. Tennessee 4.457  -3
  23. Oregon 4.454  NR
  24. Maryland 4.451
  25. Syracuse 4.450

Falling out: Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, Purdue, Texas Tech, Texas