Playboy debuts its first transgender Playmate

French model Ines Rau has been named Playboy’s first transgender Playmate. Her photo editorial will debut the November/December 2017 issue, which will also feature a substantial tribute to the magazine’s late founder Hugh Hefner, who will also appear on the cover.

While the first transgender model to earn the coveted title of “Playmate,” Rau is not the first transgender model to appear in Playboy’s pages. In fact, her initial shoot in the magazine three years ago launched her successful modeling career. In May 2014, she was shot nude for a spread called “Evolution.” As Playboy writes, “the accompanying copy surveys humanity’s halting shift toward acceptance of gender identities beyond the male-female binary.”

What’s is it about straight male sexuality that frightens The Woke Army so much that it has to destroy even its simplest pleasures? There are plenty of transgender porn and erotica in the world… why bring it to Playboy? What even is the point of Playboy in this day and age of genderqueer demisexual otherkins choke-jerking in Anne Frank Halloween costumes?

I hope Zombie Hefner kills them all.

Making sense of Russia, uranium and Hillary Clinton

To hear Sean Hannity tell it, the media is ignoring “what is becoming the biggest scandal — or, at least, one of them — in American history.”

Hannity is jumping waaay ahead of the facts. So is Breitbart News, which has been running misleading headlines like this: “FBI uncovers confirmation of Hillary Clinton’s corrupt uranium deal with Russia.”

Brent Bozell, founder of the conservative Media Research Center, claims that there is “another coverup in the making.” And President Trump chimed in Thursday morning on Twitter.

New reporting this week by the Hill has, indeed, added a layer of intrigue to the sale of a uranium mining company to Russia’s atomic energy agency, which was approved by the Clinton-led State Department and eight other U.S. government agencies. But the latest developments, as they relate to Clinton, are not as explosive as certain news outlets — eager to draw attention away from reporting on President Trump and Russia — would have you believe.

The Washington Post has gone so far past carrying water for Hillary they are basically just hosing her off in the backyard at this point. It’s not a story about Clinton’s corruption so much as an extending whine that the conservative media is being a big ol’ poopyhead again. The tone suggests that they wouldn’t even be writing about it if it was for those darn kids! Silence is complicity, you toerags.

The Hat and the Hair have both declared the Fake Melania Meme to be Fake News. When pushed for clarification if Fake News of Fake Melania meant there were Fake Melanias or that there aren’t Fake Melanias, the Hat told this reporter to do something anatomically difficult with a pineapple deep dish pizza and ended the call.

But Slate wants to believe!

But there’s also the Trump administration’s long record of ridiculous antics, which have conditioned us to believe that just about anything is possible. The man uses Scotch tape on his ties and owns a fake Renoir. A fake Time magazine with him on the cover as well as a plaque for a Civil War battle that never took place adorn his golf clubs. At this point, we don’t trust anything these people do. The idea of pulling a stunt like having a body double for the first lady and then ostentatiously lying about is just about as Trumpian as it gets.

And if anybody in the Trump administration had a body double, it would be Melania. The first lady didn’t seem particularly enthusiastic to move to Washington, to accompany her husband as his presidency was beginning, and her slowness to fill out her staff could also indicate a reluctance to participate in official White House activities. On social media, critics of Donald Trump have taken special glee in dissecting the moments when Melania seems to reject her husband’s hand or forget to hide the despair on her face. So the thought that maybe, just maybe, the real Melania is lying in a spa somewhere with cucumbers on her eyes, Barron by her side, binge-watching The Real Housewives of Ljubljana, waiting for 2021? It’s simply too delicious to resist.

Is it too soon after Weinsteingateghazi for this? And why is the radio edit the only one with the video on YouTube?