Champions League is back today.  I guess they played football last night but I don’t really care. Tampa Bay is still tearing through the NHL while St Louis put a halt to LA’s hot start.  Montreal scored eight (*!!!) goals, probably doubling their total for the year. And the Blackhawks were off last night. Hey, they still have a team in Phoenix and they won!  And the Maple Leafs continue their fall back to earth and lose again.

The real sports news happens tonight, when the Astros and Dodgers face off in Game Six of the World Series.  I, for one, hope its the final game although I predicted it would go to Seven before the series started.  What’s the over/under on homers tonight?  I’m thinking it will be a much lower-scoring game than the home run derby with fielders that occurred Sunday.  But we’ll only have to wait 12 hours and change to find out.

That’s it for the sports update.  I hope it was abbreviated enough for those of you who suffer from that affliction where you hate to see people engaged in the peak form of physical activity in their chosen profession.  Or you just hate my updates.  Either way, that’s all for sports and now I deliver to you…the links!

Harvey Weinstein causing more misery for Rose McGowan. Oh wait. This little bit of stupidity is her own dumbass mistake. Although she is blaming him for some reason.

She’s a Sharpie, so what?

A Halloween story not for the faint of heart. And by “faint of heart,” I mean the pussies that walked into that Staples on a crisp October 30th only to be confronted with….the face of evil!

Mercer hedge fund tax dispute heads to IRS Office Of Appeals. The IRS is pissed at the company’s employees using an “abusive” tax shelter to keep $6.8 million of the money they actually earned. The company maintains that the shelters are perfectly legal.  The head of Mercer is a Trump supporter.

I wonder when the word “abusive” became the equivalent of “illegal” when it came to using a program the government was stupid enough to establish. Probably in hopes that nobody but the bureaucrats establishing it and their families were clever enough to discover and use it.

The New Republic (duh, TW: The New Republic!) shits their pants over Trump supporters being such big mean climate deniers. I guess requiring proof before we let the government put in place stifling regulations, impose hefty taxes and redistribute our hard-earned money across the globe so tinpot dictators can line their pockets with it, all while people in those nations are denied the comforts of running water and electricity because the generation of it is fueled by nasty old coal and oil, counts as being a “denier” these days.  Well count me in with that basket of deplorable then, TNR. Because your scam is based on bullshit models the proponents of refuse to even share the methodology or unaltered data points for.  So go fuck yourself.

Denver bans smoking and vaping at outdoor mall. Nice work, especially on the vaping.  All that moisture put into the air could cause all kinds of damage, you stupid nanny-state bastards.

The USS Cole after the attack so long ago.

Remember when the USS Cole was attacked more than 17 years ago?  Well the case is still going on and now it looks like its gonna drag out even longer. I guess the words “speedy trial” don’t exist anymore. Just for context, there will be people born after the attack that will be eligible to vote before this trial is concluded.

America: Fuck Yeah! This is why the crazies hate us. And its also why we will win. Enjoy.

I guess I’m veering into the 80s this week. No complaints, oh?

I hope you all have a fun Halloween.  (Enjoy The Great Pumpkin, Jake) I’ll be taking my dinosaur, horse and unicorn out for candy later this evening.  I’ll be the guy dressed up as a giant cock.