The Senate passed a budget resolution that allows for tax cuts, opening the door for a filibusterer proof  tax reform bill in the future.  Rand Paul was the only dissenting Republican vote.


A preschool teacher shows off her student’s very cute Lego projects depicting intersectionality, wait, no she’s a college professor, a college professor had her college students build Lego displays and not even with regular Legos, the giant block Legos used by toddlers.  I heard she has plans next week to have them finger paint cultural appropriation.


I have to say, I am quite enjoying this leftist witch hunt.  The leftist elite is being forced to live by its own supposed morals, and it’s not going so well.


IRS to finally start blocking tax returns that lack Obamacare disclosures.


John Kelly slaps down Congresswomen Frederica S. Wilson and defends the President.  Leading to liberal journalists to very stupidly attack Kelly.  It’s like they’re trying to pick fights they can’t only not win, but will get destroyed on.


And here’s your morning song.