Happy Halloween. Don’t forget to send any good pictures to submit@glibertarians.com. We won’t post them, but we will examine them very closely.

Hopefully everyone is ducking out of work early to get on their “slutty tampon” outfits for parties. OMWC is trying to make sure that the rip in his pants is “just right”. I had to make an emergency run to the store, because my wife bought terrible candy. Terrible. I don’t want to wash shit or egg off my house and cars, so I’m going to just mix in some good stuff and hope we don’t get too many visitors. Then I’m hoping that Justin Verlander can get the first W by an Astros starter in this World Series. I bought some Monte Cristo beer. I have no idea if it is any good, but it cost half as much as good beer, so it only has to be half as good as the worst six-pack I ever paid $10 for.

We may also use this later for some role playing.

Jadaveon Clowney, TOTALLY not taking a shot at the owner of his team. Just lazy.

Interesting link between the Protestant Reformation and hops in beer.

That sonofabitch Trump and his meddling FDA are going to destroy the soy industry! It now appears that eating lots of soy doesn’t actually help you live longer, it just feels that way.

Dick out. ‘Isn’t sexual harassment’ he sez.

Man bites dog story. Or rather stranger attempts to abduct 13 year old. Way to screw up OMWC’s favorite holiday.

Here’s a fun video for Halloween.


UPDATE (Swiss Servator): Latest on the NYC shitblizzard.