I know it’s been a crazy morning, so I’ll just give you two items of good news: 1) The Bucs have now won more games on field goals than when they had college superstar (and fellow FSU alumnus) Roberto Aguayo. I hope that guy can get better and isn’t completely unable to play his position again like Rick Ankiel — ‘Beto don’t have the body to switch positions in football and 2) DeShaun Watson can, in fact, complete passes if given enough time. Learn from Cam Newton, kid. Next year, they’ll have enough film for linebackers to go head-hunting.

Wouldn’t you know it — interspecial relations gave early humans herpes.

I’m not saying it was a gremlin, but thank God Bill Shatner was there.

Republicans realize that more than half their base don’t give a shit if they have jobs or not next year. That’s right. They want you to actually fucking do something with that power, not keep expanding job opportunities for idiot nephews of elected officials.

“We need to be honest about the fact that there are some powerful people inside the Republican Party who have no interest in governing,” he told me. “They’re focused like a laser on decapitating the party’s leadership, and have no interest in growing the party’s base into a lasting majority.”

Salina Zito has a great article on how the future is unevenly distributed. I post this because, for me, American and to perhaps a greater extent continued Western success will depend much on whether the government either: (a) gets out of the way and lets individuals and groups build their own successful programs or (b) magically finds a way to prepare people for the coming future. Whether you’re going to be a suddenly displaced home weaver, or the manager of a weaving factory depends on your own ability to adapt. But I hope that organic groups like maker spaces and user groups help with that.

And something light to round out the links.

For Riven, glad you’re alive and uninjured. Sorry some A-hole fucked up Vegas for you guys.