According to the CDC website, the most recent published estimate of lifetime HIV treatment costs was $367,134. That’s just one of many things to keep in mind as Jerry Brown signs a bill downgrading the punishment for knowingly exposing someone to HIV in California to a misdemeanor. WTF? I’m all for decriminalizing behavior that doesn’t have a victim. This is NOT one of those cases.


As people struggle to assign a motive to the Las Vegas shooter, this seems to be a very promising lead. He does, in fact, seem to be evil and crazy. FTA:

The woman, who spoke anonymously, said she would spend hours drinking and gambling in Sin City with Paddock, who she described as ‘paranoid’ and ‘obsessive’.

If he hit a winning streak, he would take her back to his room for ‘really aggressive and violent sex’ including living out rape fantasies, she said.


Spot the bullshit: Las Vegas Killer Had Better Rifles Than the U.S. Military. How many falsehoods can you find? I only got halfway through, and I’m already in double digits. I’ll get the ball rolling: “Paddock also outfitted his weapons with some of the best optics available to the public.” Hey, there, goalposts!!! Get back here!!! Available to the public???? Lemme run that through my lying liar translator: The military has much better optics.  Let’s see how many more of these we can find. I’m betting at least 20.


All of the news emerging about Harvey Weinstein is horrifying and disgusting, except for this little gem…  Judi Dench has a Harvey Weinstein tattoo on her ass.