Happy Monday, Glibs. My oldest son must be getting the jerk gene coming in. How else to explain that he got sent home from school for ‘having a fever’, when he doesn’t have one? Oh, and because of stupid daycare rules, that means he gets to stay home again tomorrow, too. Because I got nothing better to do. Fuck it. Send his whole class over here. I’ll invite OMWC as a chaperone and we’ll have a grand old day. Fuck!

On the other hand, at least I didn’t kill someone attempting suicide. Suicider was 12. Happy Monday.

Saudi Arabia, going nuclear because the Iranians are for energy independence.

Why hot pool guys are only a fantasy trope, by science!

Huh. I would have sworn this was a NCIS plotline. Given that they’ve made a billion episodes, I’m probably not wrong.

I don’t know why this tickles me so much. Its weird that this guy is the ur-sound of both flavors of pop that followed him.