Boy was I ever wrong about the Dodgers-Diamondbacks series.  But seriously, what was the manager thinking with his pitching decisions?  I mean, throw your best pitcher opposite Kershaw. Dude doesn’t have the best track record in the postseason and you all but give them that game?  Elsewhere in the NL, the Cubs and Nationals are deadlocked at 1.  Meanwhile, the AL East finally stepped up as the Red Sox and Yankees both clawed a game back in their divisional series.  Indians and Astros will each get a chance to close out again today, as will the Dodgers. And in Chicago, the Cubs and Nats will seek to get the upper hand in Game 3.

Let em flow, girls!

In football news, the Oklahoma Sooners laid an egg. The Longhorns set a big OT win. There was a 7-OT game. THE Ohio State University absolutely pulverized Maryland. But there was one in-state game that gave me the lulz. Congrats to the Spartans for going into the big house and taking care of TTUN once again. What’s that make Jimmy in rivalry games now, 1-4?  And at $10M a season…

I’ll get y’all a hockey update later in the week. I wanted to get a little more into thew season before talking shit.  Four days isn’t enough.  Anyway, let’s go ahead and roll into…the links!

Edrogan says his dong is “this big” compared to America.

Trump lays out his immigration enforcement plan. Dems lose their shit because he’s actually said they’re going to have to compromise if he’s going to give them DACA amnesty. I guess they’re not used to someone actually holding them to the same standard of compromise they demand out of Team Red (which is “you give us all this and we promise to give you something later”).

The Weinstein Company has fired their namesake. I wonder when the next wave of people will come out and say on the record they knew he was serially harassing and abusing women while they sat silent for decades. So far the Nuremberg defense seems to pass muster for the left.  No comment yet from any of the talk show hosts or SNL. Big fucking surprise there.

New gun legislation on the move through the House. And its not what you think.

We might want to get those military bases set up in Israel or wherever else over there. Because our relationship with Turkey is getting a little frosty to say the least.

Any hurricane-caused death is tragic. But when your throat gets slashed during a brawl, I think the hurricane designation might be a little off.  Global Warming: it’ll lop your head off if you’re not careful.

Texas girls at ACL

Austin City Limits kicks off. And there was eye candy.

Setting up for the week.

Have a great start to the week. Don’t forget, this is the day we celebrate Columbus finding the new world.