Well, we almost have the house back in order after the Friday Night chaos. The dog has settled down now that she doesn’t have bacon-magic to bark at (BTW, he gave me a piece of silver as a souvenir, he now owes me 29 more). We’re down to only three house guests. I can actually read the news. And it ain’t pretty, much like me in my tighty-whities.

A couple dozen marginal guys attract hundreds of the press and counter-protesters. Mayor wets pants and tries to find loopholes in the First Amendment. This is getting all too predictable. I guess people really, really need bogeymen to give meaning to their dull and pitiful lives.

This sort of thing is becoming a daily event in England. My theory: they’re all driving on the wrong goddamn side of the street.

Mystery cleared up: drunk chick locked herself into a freezer. People still blame racism.

Speaking of Chicago news, this is the sort of thing that makes us the great city that we are. I’m sure that this was racism as well.

Is this going to be the next panic for the US? I hope nobody don die.

Some things are just too weird for description. Talk about schizophrenia!

And because I love all of you, I leave you with this musical selection: