Coming to New Orleans – Apalachicola? Be Prepared, stay safe

About the time this comes out, we’ll see whether the Justin Verlander trade is going to pay all this season or if the Lastros curse is too powerful. Should be some good pitching, but who knows. Don’t look for Sale or Verlander to get pulled early. Not without a fistfight at the mound.

So there’s a storm coming. To all our North Gulf Coasters — I was just on the good side of a Cat 1 and it sucked. Be prepared, and GTFO if it looks like its going to turn into a real hurricane. Otherwise, just hunker down and drink. As has become our custom anyone who thinks they might need a place to run to, post it up here. Floridabamans are certainly welcome to come down to St. Pete.

I think one of our readers pointed out Amazon would be smart to own the last 5 miles of its logistics system as well.

Apparently, my Neanderthal heritage is why I burn instead of tan. Thanks PROTO-STEVE-SMITH!

Street artist gives Jimmy Kimmel the kicking he deserves.

I went down the rabbit-hole, and found my Friday video, listened to a lot of awesome music, but I’m going to sneak in some neo-funk because its a fun jam.