And lo, it is Thursday. The day before the end of the week. My brain has finally managed to rend its way free of this illness miasma and worked today. It was crazy maintaining the same thought for more than five minutes.

That sonofabitch Trump MADE Puerto Rican officials withhold hurricane relief.

Can one be a Nazi and also part of (((New World Order)))? Asking for my friend, Don.

That sonofabitch Trump is pissing off state insurance regulators? I read these articles and articles posted by certain other people like Russians used to read Pravda. I assume this will be at worst no less effective than the status quo, and at worst positively affect some people’s ability to receive affordable healthcare.

SugarFree’s pancreas may not work, but he had plenty of spleen to vent about Slate proposing the Library of Congress take over Gawker. I’m trying to think of a good off-line analogy. Maybe they should take over Playboy now that its a bombed out shell of its former self.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug — 80s Hair Metal, lazy edition.